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Our Story

Our mission is to invoke confidence and self-love through sustainable and accessible luxury.

The founder of The Jewels Jar, Mamta Valrani, is an artist, gemologist and a climate conscious vegan with a passion for colour and design. Her first labour of love M's Gems – a fine jewellery brand that exudes history and opulence. A spin off to M's Gems, The Jewels Jar was born as a passion project. The aim of this project being to merge her creativity with the notion of luxury and to make this more accessible to every woman.

Growing up in Jaipur, surrounded by creativity, colour and design fueled Mamta's passion to create pieces that are versatile and wearable. Having resided in Dubai as a long-term resident, each item of jewellery is inspired by both her childhood environment and her adopted home of the UAE. Blending her love of ancient Indian craftsmanship such as Meenakari (enamelling), with the more contemporary influences of Dubai defines The Jewels Jar aesthetic.

"I am passionate about creating a brand based on my values of sustainability and my love for all things beautiful. I would like for everyone to experience luxury on some level." - Mamta Valrani

The Jewels Jar prides itself on delivering the highest quality of customer care, ensuring that all beads and metals are ethically-sourced. Each of our pieces come with recyclable packaging along with plantable seed paper and a complimentary two year repair warranty.

Who Are We?

Mamta’s jewellery collections start from the heart. Practicing a healthy work/life balance while also maintaining her all women's team at her company enhances her creative flow.

“I believe in a rich and diverse team of women that can learn new skills from each other to excel in our organisation. We have achieved one of our biggest goals so far, by being a completely Carbon Neutral business. Another strong value of Mamta's is giving back to her community, she shows her efforts as being an active member of the SOS Children’s Village for decades."