What Our Clients Say About Us

Annabelle Fernandes
3 weeks ago

I received some rings and bracelets from The Jewels Jar as a gift and I love them! The items are so well-made and each piece has its own unique charm. They are a perfect fit and very stunning. I get lots of compliments from people asking where I got the jewelry from and would totally recommend if you’re looking to add some beautiful items to your collection.

3 months ago

I recently had an exceptional experience with The Jewels Jar that I feel compelled to share. After purchasing a beautiful, delicate handmade piece from their collection through Ounass, I was disheartened when it accidentally broke due to an unforeseen incident. Understandably, these things happen, especially with fine craftsmanship that's meant to be handled with care. However, the true measure of a company's excellence shines through in how they handle such situations. Upon contacting The Jewels Jar to explain the mishap, their response was nothing short of amazing. Without any hesitation, they offered to replace the piece, and to my surprise, they also waived the shipping fees. In today's world, finding a company that stands so firmly behind their products and values customer satisfaction to this extent is a rarity. The replacement process was seamless and swift, demonstrating their commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction. It's clear that The Jewels Jar not only creates stunning, high-quality jewelry but also prioritizes their customers' happiness and stands by their craftsmanship. To anyone considering a purchase from The Jewels Jar, let my experience serve as a testament to their outstanding service and quality. They've earned a loyal customer in me, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to others looking for exquisite jewelry paired with unparalleled customer care.

Joud Jabri-Pickett
a week ago

This was a gift from my staff. I absolutely love the pendant! The workmanship is perfect and they fully guarantee support in case anything is faulty. Love the personal service!


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