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The Jewels Jar collections incorporate semi-precious stones, sterling silver and gold plated metals through stylish necklaces, statement earrings and bold bracelets. From subtle tones, to bright hues, the diversity in the collection makes it perfect as a gift for anyone - including yourself. Handcrafted with love and designed to transition effortlessly from desk to dinner, The Jewels Jar offers impeccable contemporary style, with the highest quality; mixing the modern with the timeless for the perfect fusion.

Painted Enamel/ Meena Beads

Painted Enamel / Meena Beads

The art of hand-painting jewelry with enamel gives a unique design and a timeless finish. The ancient tradition of Meenakari can be traced back to Rajasthan where it is widely used to coat grooves and engravings in ornaments. The combination the traditional beads fused with modern chains gives our products a distinct aesthetic - perfect for those with discerning tastes.

Handcrafted Beads

Handcrafted Beads

Handcrafted by artisans in the pink city of Jaipur, traditional beads are matched with sterling silver chains to create stylish necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Using age-old techniques, beads are fashioned into caged, damru and floral designs. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, these beads add a touch of tradition to your outfit.

Cubic Zirconia Beads

Cubic Zirconia Beads

An affordable substitute for diamonds and precious stones, cubic zirconia is crafted into iridescent and lustrous beads. Combined with pearls and filigree elements, cubic zirconia beads elevate your look from desk to dinner.

Semi-precious Stones

Semi-precious Stones

A variety of semi-precious beads and stones such as pearls, turquoise, ruby, amethyst, onyx, quartz, garnet, lapis lazuli and other gems are handpicked for our collections. After carefully curating them from India, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, semi-precious stones are meticulously handcrafted into beads and floral designs.

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